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Echo is a puzzle platformer about multitasking by creating temporary copies of yourself. I created it and spent about 24 hours working on it during the utGDDC Fall Reading Week Jam 2017. A month later, I worked for about 14 more hours on it (yes, I timed myself) over a period of 12 days, for a total of 38 hours of development time. Both the 24-hour and 38-hour versions are available for download here. The 24-hour version has been modified slightly to use the finished version of Cell2D 1.5.0, rather than the in-development version that it was created with, but the aesthetics and gameplay (including the glitches) are unchanged.

Echo's sound effects were generated with ChipTone, and its music was composed by Shaun Bellamy.

Both versions of Echo were updated on 2018-01-02 to include README files and the appropriate licenses.


Echo_24Hours.zip 12 MB
Echo_38Hours.zip 13 MB


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It's a bit confusing how the echo mechanic works, would be nice to have some sort of tutorial for it.

I agree that the game does a bad job of teaching you how to use echoes. I'm planning to add a better introduction to them in the near future, as well as more non-boss puzzles that actually require them.

There's an improved version of the game out now, if you're interested.